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Informal Way





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bulletCause of Harassment
bulletHow to Prevent Harassment
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bulletInformal Way


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Informal complaint:


If an employee brings an informal complaint of harassment to you, you can act as a mediator between that person and the harasser.  Discuss the situation with the two people, and determine what type of solution will work for both parties.


Witness of a harassment case:

bulletDiscuss your concerns with the recipient of the behaviour.  Ensure that they want something done about it.
bulletEncourage the person to bring the incident to the attention of the human resources representative or another person in authority.
bulletContact one of the persons listed in Section 10 of this policy for advice on the best way to handle the situation.
bulletMaybe asked to testify at a grievance hearing, a board of inquiry, or in a court of law, depending on which route that complainant has chosen to pursue.



Investigating a complaint:

bulletAsk the parties involved whether they would like the complaint resolved less formally through a third party.
bulletIf this is not an option, both parties that you will conduct an investigation.  Explain the investigation process.  Outline the possible outcomes for both the alleged harasser and the complainant.
bulletAllow each party representation by the union or some other trusted person.
bulletGive each party the opportunity to provide evidence.
bulletLet each party know the initial facts or allegations against them.
bulletAllow each party to respond to the initial allegations verbally or in writing.


Alleged harasser should be prepared to answer the following questions:

  1. What did you do or say?
  2. Where and when did the event (s) take place?
  3. What took place before and after the event (s)?
  4. Were there any witnesses or other evidence?
  5. Has it happened before?
  6. Did the person let you know your behaviour was unwelcome?
  7. What have you done so far to resolve this?
  8. Do you have nay suggestions on how the situation should be resolved?