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How to Prevent/Steps to Take





bulletCauses of Absenteeism
bulletCost Associated with Absenteeism
bulletHow to Prevent Absenteeism and Steps to Take


bulletCause of Harassment
bulletHow to Prevent Harassment
bulletFormal Way
bulletInformal Way


bulletTypes of Discrimination
bulletThe Glass Ceiling Effect


bulletDisciplinary Actions
bulletHow to Control Discipline
bullet Applying Discipline


bulletDefinition of Safety
bulletFire Prevention
bulletHow to Stay Healthy







You can use these training materials to help teach your supervisors:

  What you can do to prevent absenteeism-related problems:

bulletAdopting a systematic approach.
bulletCreating and coordinating project team.
bulletAdministering clear tasks and responsibilities.
bulletEnsuring the support of senior and line management.
bulletInvolving employees actively.
bulletInvolving the personnel department, company medical service or external guidance.


Steps to take when dealing with absenteeism

bulletInitial Warning
bulletWritten Warning

Verbal Warning
Meet with the employee face to face and talk to them about the problem. Advise the employee that his/her attendance record must improve and be maintained at an improved level. Then let them know that further disciplinary action will be the result. Offer any counselling or guidance that an employee may need only to  certain circumstances. Give further verbal warnings as required. Do checks on the employees attendance and make note of noticeable changes. If absenteeism continues then proceed to a written warning.

Written Warning
Meet with the employee again. Show the employee the record that you have been keeping track of, that there has been no noticeable (or sufficient) improvement. Give the employee a chance to give their reason for the lack of improvement. If you do not like the reasoning then issue a written warning. Insure the employee is aware of why this warning was given. Then have to copies made, one will go to the employee and the other will go into the employees files. If warnings are not good enough then you may proceed to suspension.

Suspension (only after consulting with the appropriate supervisors)
If the  absenteeism persists, after the next interview period and immediately following an absence, the employee should be interviewed and advised that he/she is to be suspended. The length of the suspension will depend on how server the problem has become and the explanation of the employee. the final step which should only be the resort is dismissal.

Dismissal (only after consulting with the appropriate supervisors)
Dismissals should only be considered when all of the above steps and procedures have been met. The employee, upon displaying no satisfactory improvement, would be dismissed on the grounds of his/her unwillingness to correct his/her absence record.